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PDF thumbnails in 64-bit Windows

January 13th, 2011

It’s great that Windows now defaults to nice large icons when browsing folders.  I use to prefer straight file listings, usually with the file size and date shown as well, but now with larger screens being common, and thumbnail previews being very quick to generate, it makes it much easier for me to quickly find the pictures I want, almost by “feel”.

Lately, in an attempt to get rid of the mounds of paper cluttering my desk, most of which (anything but the top sheet) will never catch my eye to get dealt with anyway, I’ve taken to scanning pages into PDF files, appropriately naming and filing them.  But remember with old filing cabinets how great it was to thumb through the folders until you found the right colour, or other pages that you knew were in the same era, or even stumbling upon other pages you’d forgotten about and/or would be of use to you now?  Well thumbnail previews for PDF files brings that magic to Windows file storing and searching!

So if you’ve never had the benefit of thumbnails for PDF files, or for some reason find yourself without the ability to have them (as is the case for Windows x64 users with Adobe Acrobat Reader), then check out this quick fix to get little thumbnail previews for PDF files on your computer.

This also fixes the error in Outlook when you try to preview an attached PDF file in an email.

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