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Unplug your double sink

September 4th, 2010

Well here’s a tip that will save you $80 in 10 seconds!

I woke up, had quite a nice morning, showered, dress clothes on for an early meeting, went to the kitchen to have some blueberries.. So far so good.  Then I threw a couple mushy blueberries, the kind nobody likes, down the garbeurator and hit the button.  Out the other sink drain came everything the sink ate last night!  I don’t have any kids, but you couldn’t tell this from looking at my shirt!

After a short pause, just enough time for me to mumble, “that’s interesting…”, I was running to the bathroom to grab the plunger.  I plunged furiously on the one side and watched it all come out the other.  Well then, I’ll just go plunge the other side… Same thing in reverse.

A few hours, a change of clothes, and another show later I was cleaning out all the cleaning products and empty grocery bags from under the kitchen sink.  The plumber arrived, plugged one side, filled up the other, and plunged WHILE holding in the plug on the one side!  I was amazed!  Who would have thought of such an amazing trick?

Next time you have something with THREE or more openings, remember water will take the path of least resistence.  Plug one, force the other, and the last path will have to open up. 😉

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  1. Rosa says:

    Just last month the left side of my double kitchen sink was plug, the water ran down very slowly, the other side of the sink the water ran down freely.. i fixed the problem by running the water until it was very hot, then i filled the clog sink until the water was just over the drain opening, i then put one big hooping tablespoon of baking soda, added just enough hot water to disslove the baking soda, then i used a cloth over the clog hole and worked the cloth as if it was a plunger and VOILA! The sink now runs freely.

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