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College or Business?

September 25th, 2010

Almost a decade ago I went against the stream, against my parents’ advice, and against all traditional success stories and dropped out of University. My grades were good, and I had finished three out of five years of an engineering degree, including work experience.  I was on track to relocate to some industry city, work my way up the corporate ladder with a stable paycheck and a cushy indoor cubicle, spend the next ten years paying off my student loans, and eventually retire “early” around 50.  Seemed like a great idea a couple years earlier.

Something hit me, and I realized that I wasn’t happy with a loose classroom schedule for a couple years that I didn’t need to show up for, so how would I survive a 9-5 for the next 30 years where I’d possibly be commuting and ordered around every day?  Suddenly, the distant promise of an office with a door, five weeks holiday, and enough income to just barely raise 2.8 kids and pay for hair restoration, struck me as almost ludicrous!

Later, you’ll find out more about what I actually did.  But for now, check out John Chow’s thoughts on this topic, and let me know where you stand on this…

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